Spokane Productions Live Streaming Concert Series


Spokane Productions offers live streaming of video and audio content in a professional, clean, and quiet studio environment. With live multicamera switching, blazing fast fiber internet, high-quality microphones, professional lighting, and real time green screen background replacement, your live production value just went up!

Multicamera Switching for Live Events in Spokane

Multiple Camera Angles

Add interest with real time camera switching to show multiple views of your subject. No more low-quality video for your live events. Professional technicians on our team produce accurate live switching services for cameras and media content.

Professional Audio

High-end microphones, multiple audio sources, and wireless options give you the flexibility you need to be heard, loud and clear. We can capture up to 32 channels of audio and 8 channels of video for live productions.


Studio Lighting

Use our white infinity wall (which can be lit any color you like) or eliminate the background altogether with our chroma key green screen wall. Or bring your lights and video gear and set up the space with your own unique vision.

Live Stream

Stream live, or record offline for the ability to edit the media later. We can broadcast and record at the same time in high definition with our lightning fast gigabit fiber internet

2021 Chase Youth Awards live stream event at Spokane Productions Studio



Every business in the world is maneuvering to compete in an ever-changing marketplace. Remote visibility is more important than ever. Producing an ad campaign, doing live training, or setting up an offsite broadcast to the other side of the world can all be facilitated here at our studio. Keep your organization on the cutting edge of technology with our quiet, clean studio space.


Schools, Universities, Sales Teams, Charter Schools, Medical Instructors, Teachers, and In Person Trainers can continue to educate and inform their audiences through regular internet broadcasts. Students connect and watch the content in the safety of their own homes without having to congregate in a classroom. Whether you offer live sessions, recorded instruction, or a combination, we can host your educational series here.


You love performing! But you also need a way to make money when big concerts are postponed. Performing monetized live stream "unplugged" concerts here at the studio will give your fans what they crave - your music! Our live concert shows are professionally recorded in our full audio production booth for online posting, marketing, and sharing on social media -- Keep on playing!


Churches and Ministry Organizations are increasingly moving to online services to supplement in person gatherings and to reach a larger audience. Whether you reserve a spot here for regular Sunday services, do a Church promotional video, film a worship concert, or record a short weekday sermon, we are here to help you stay connected to your congregation.


Life Coaches, Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, and anyone who meets in-person to help their clients with their health and fitness can benefit from our remote training capabilities. Your clients watch & interact with you in their own homes from a television, computer, or tablet while safely distancing.

Production Companies

Keeping actors, actresses, and crew safe is the highest priority of production companies. Use our green screen wall to virtually record your talent so that they can be integrated into your film later. Now you can reduce the need to have a large crew in the same room.