2021 Chase Youth Awards live stream event at Spokane Productions Studio

2021 Chase Youth Awards

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Spokane Productions had the privilege of hosting the 2021 Chase Youth Awards Ceremony in the studio. The event recognizes the accomplishments of amazing youth in the Spokane area. I was extremely impressed with the things these young people are doing for the community and for the world! Our MC for the event, DanaMarie McNicholl did an amazing job introducing the speakers and guests. Each speaker presented the awards via pre-recorded videos which were also captured by the Chase Youth Commission production crew at the studio earlier in the month. The group brought an amazing production crew and the event was a great success! Check out the video here. Congratulations to all the 2021 Chase Youth Awards recipients!

Fast forward to the 2:20 mark to skip right to the event, also look for an amazing special guest!

Visit the Chase Youth Commission website here to support the great work that this organization does for the community and young people in Spokane.