Comfort Talk Dr Elvira Lang at Inland Imaging Sacred Heart Medical Center Spokane

Comfort Talk Interviews

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Comfort Talk, developed by Dr. Elvira Lang, is a program for training frontline, patient-facing staff on how to help patients reduce their fear and stress pre-op. Their process can help patients feel more at ease, boost Hospital Morale, and reduce post-op recovery time by reducing the need for heavy anaesthesia. Spokane Productions filmed the Interviews with Dr. Lang and the amazing staff at Inland Imaging here in Spokane. We also filmed patient interactions including the front desk greeting, patient waiting room, and OR scenes. Post production and video delivery was done by WebsEdge and the video is featured as part of the 2022 EuroAnasthesia Conference in Milan, Italy

Spokane Productions filmed the interviews and patient interactions for this Comfort Talk informational video

Here are some screen captures from the interviews and some behind the scenes images. We had a great time filming this!

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