Professional Photographers of Washington Fall Conference

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The Professional Photographers of Washington (PPW) holds several meetings throughout the year to educate and build community for professional photographers in Washington State. Spokane had one of the the highest attendance for all of PPW and we required two locations plus remote access for some members. We opened our studio to a handful of professional photographers to provide social distancing for the members and show off the new space!

Guest speakers included:

Woody Walters, M. Photog, Cr
High Impact Composites

Faye Johnson, M.Photog, CPP, FP
Be creative, try something new!

Mary Jo Allen, M. Photog, Cr, FP
Embrace the Blur

Alexis Sharpe, M. Photog, FP
Fantasy Portrait Retouching in Photoshop

Scott Detwiler, M. Photog, Cr
Let’s make some art in Photoshop!

Everyone in attendance really enjoyed the sessions and learned a lot. I picked up a few photoshop tricks myself that I have put into use immediately. The PPW Fall Conference 2020 was a huge success, thanks to Heads & Tails Photography for hosting!

Visit PPW on Facebook or check out the event page

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